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About us

Welcome to The Wanderess Co. We are a mother-daughter duo, looking to provide intuitive tools for strong women.

Meet Polencha

In recent years, it has become important to me to find the time for self care. For myself, this includes mental health as well as physical health. I have found that yoga and meditation play an important role in that. I was taught to meditate at an early age, but always wonder if I was doing it “right”. I found it very difficult to stay in the moment. My own struggle with this made me feel that others may be having the same problem.

Just recently, I discovered malas. I was amazed at the difference that they made in helping me to stay focused. Not only are they a great tool, but they are also beautiful. This led me to start creating malas. Designing and creating beautiful malas has allowed me to be creative in a way that I never knew I could. Now I am excited to share my creations with you.

Meet Liza

For most of my childhood, I’ve been obsessed with fantasy and all things “woo”. I grew up wishing that magic were real, that I’d have my very own familiar or receive a letter to Hogwarts. Of course, as I’ve grown older, I realize that magic does exist, but it isn’t the stuff of novels.

My spiritual journey is still young, and forever moving forward. When mom introduced me to healing crystals, I was hesitant, but curious.

I’d been following a few bloggers who used tarot in their daily lives and it fascinated me.

Eventually, I was able to shed my fear of judgment, and openly admit that I was someone who benefited from drawing a tarot card (or three or five) every so often; that I was someone who enjoyed the energies my crystals bring to my house.

Admitting that I am, in fact, a spiritual person has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life. It has allowed to me heal parts of myself I didn’t know were broken. I’ve connected with a fantastic group of women who are all supportive and use tarot to align with their business and life goals.

Through The Wanderess Co. I seek to bring this acceptance and growth to as many women as I can. I want everyone to know the beauty that meditation, and healing, and visualization can bring to their lives.

So while Mom makes the malas, I’m running the behind-the-scenes magic of the website and social media, but will also be bringing you tarot messages each week on our Instagram, as well as crystal explanations, and introducing you to how I infuse my every day with a little more woowoo.